Sri Lankan Tourism

  • Sri Lanka having the second largest Tamil Diaspora population in the world and having more opportunities to explore the growing market, TTTI will invest in tourism sector of the island. TTTI will have tie-ups with homestay companies in Sri Lanka and allow its members to have discounted rate on their tour packages compared to the other tourists who take the services of the Organisation.
  • Sri Lanka is popular for its tropical beach resort, water sport, deepsea fishing, and underwater photography, scuba diving at shipwrecks, coral reefs and whale watching. Further, ancient heritage sites and forest wildlife sanctuaries attracts more tourists. Sri Lanka’s tourism industry shows a significant improvement and growth after civil war came to end in 2009.
  • TTTI will have tourist packages to Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka where you can enjoy surfing and water sports at a cheaper rate. Join us as a Member today and enquire about your vacation plan.

Why Sri Lanka

  • Growing Economy
  • Emerging Opportunities
  • High Demand
  • Massive landscape suitable for Tourism
  • Unexplored Market
  • Post conflict Development

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